Hillington was still a very new housing estate practically surrounded by green fields and farms, when St. Nicholas Church was designed by architect James Miller RSA.

Erected by the Baird Trust at a cost of £11,500 this unadorned brick building with its distinctive pillars and round arches was dedicated on the 25th November 1937.

The first communion service held in the following February, was an impressive yet modest event. The total number of members, visitors and elders who partook was only 207, and the communion cups used were loaned by Hillington Park Church.

The first minister of St. Nicholas Cardonald, the Rev. John Turner MA was inducted on the 10th of June 1938, and six months later, the morning service of 11th December was broadcast by the BBC.

The most important and far0reaching event of 1939 was, of course, the declaration of war, with its inevitable effect on the life of the congregation. The black-out, the departure of so many to the forces, and the evacuation of many children to safer areas curtailed most activities, particularly the junior organisations.

By June of 1947, church membership was over one thousand, but it was not until the autumn of 1949 that a manse in Lamington Road was purchased at a cost of £3000.

Few congregations started life so well endowed with hall accommodation, but by 1962, with the congregation reaching over 1900 members, it was necessary to use the classrooms and halls of Hillington School to accomodate some of the organisations. Later the same year, new hall accomodation was erected on land adjoining the Church, the buildings of St Nicholas Cardonald were now complete.

:: Ministers of St. Nicholas' Cardonald ::

1938 - 1941
Rev. John Turner MA
1941 - 1950
Rev. Uist MacDonald MA
1951 - 1957
Rev. Thomas Morton MA
1958 - 1966
Rev. Wm R Chalmers BD STM
1967 - 1992
Rev. Alexander C Barr
1992 - 2005
Rev. Roderick I T MacDonald B.D.
2007 - 2012
Rev. Sandi McGill B.D.
2012 - 2015
Rev. Eleanor McMahon (Interim)

:: Ministers of Penilee St. Andrew ::

TBC - 2015
Rev. Lyn Peden

:: Ministers of St. Andrew and St. Nicholas ::

2015 - present
Rev. Lyn Peden